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Covid-19 Order Delays

Covid-19 Delivery Delays and Plan

Date: 5/18/20

Some customers may not have received this notification last week, so we are resending to ensure proper distribution. For those that did receive this notification, there is an update in bold below as well.

With the ongoing situation regarding COVID-19, we wanted to share an update with you. These are uncertain times, but we take our customer service very seriously, so we are committed to maintaining transparency and communication with all of our customers.

Recently, we've noticed that some orders shipped during the mid-late April time frame have experienced unexpected delays. Not all orders during this time frame have been impacted, but the delays have been significant for those that have been.

The delay is due to some USPS fulfillment centers being backed up from the large increase of shipments during this time frame. Unfortunately, this is completely out of our control, and it has been impacting businesses across the country.

The good news: Carriers developed a plan last week, and will be expediting the processing of this backlog this week. Once this is complete, we should see a sharp increase in the impacted orders being processed and delivered very quickly.

If your tracking status currently displays as “Shipping Label Created”, this is because the first phase of your shipment uses a DHL cargo airline, and the USPS system cannot be synced. Once your package arrives at our US warehouse, and is processed by USPS, the tracking status will be updated with your delivery date. Again, this process may have been delayed due to the aforementioned USPS backlog.

For orders currently displaying as "Shipping Label Created", Popular Pantry decided to pay carriers an additional fee last week, at no cost to you, in order to prioritize our orders and expedite delivery for our customers. Given this, you may receive a new tracking number to reflect the change in priority. The new tracking number should be updated with a delivery time frame this week, or early next week.

You have our sincerest apologies for this unforeseen inconvenience. Thank you for your patience during this difficult time. Your order should arrive within 3 weeks from today, or less, if it hasn't already arrived. Have a great day.

Operations Director, Popular Pantry