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Top 15 Best RV Kitchen Gadgets - 2021


Top 15 Best RV Kitchen Gadgets - 2021

So you got yourself an RV! Surely you are excited about all the family adventures you will get to enjoy this year.

But the one thing there never seems to be enough of in your RV is kitchen storage space!

You have to remember every inch of space counts in your mobile home.

You’re in luck because in this article we’re going to show you how finding extra space in your RV’s kitchen is not as difficult as you might think.

After a ton of trial & error we got ahold of the top 15 best items that are total space-saving lifesavers.

If you are handy, you can implement a lot of these cool gadgets into your kitchen, and slowly watch your kitchen space increase more & more.

Let’s dive into it!


1.) Smart Stack Organizer


The Smart Stack Organizer is a stylish, efficient way to organize your RV kitchen drawers.

Designed with convenience and utility in mind, it’s unique design and compartments are sure to increase drawer space in all RV kitchens!

By angling and layering each compartment on top of each other, it enables you to store a full cutlery set in less than half the space of a conventional cutlery tray.

Items can be placed inside either head or handle first. The design also features handy icons for easy identification.

Total must-have!



2.) Smart Stack Knife Organizer

This knife organizer is the greatest thing ever. I have tiny RV kitchen drawers and two young children. I took all my sharp things and stuck them in a drawer and my wife complained that the knives were haphazardly stuck in the drawer and she always would nearly cut herself looking for a knife. (Not good for kids)

This organizer fits in my ridiculously small RV drawers very well, and I am able to neatly stack my knives and have a nice organized drawer that you won't cut yourself in if you're looking for a knife. I can't say enough good things about this organizer!

Easily organize your ALL your cutlery by pairing this with the Smart Stack Organizer to ensure your RV drawers are clean and organized efficiently. 



3.) Spice Space Saver


I am so pleased to have found a solution to organizing my spice cabinet that works for me & my OCD(ish) tendencies.

I love these things! Such a simple idea; Can't picture my RV kitchen without them! They added a lot more room in my tiny little RV spice cupboard. Organization is everything for me! 

Easily store all of your favorite spices with this Spice Space Saver.



4.) 20 PC - Jar Fresh Lock Bags.

I ADORE the look of these! They are precious!

If you're like me and you like to keep your RV kitchen organized, you'll be able to keep food fresh & properly sorted with these Jar Fresh Lock Bags.

This 20 piece set includes multiple sizes for various food types, and the zipper air lock is sure to keep your food fresh. 

20 Reusable bags included (5 Tall, 5 Large, 5 Medium and 5 Small)
Washable & Eco-friendly

I use them for my baking ingredients like nuts and chocolate chips and store them in a bin in my cabinets. They're great for organizing and space saving.
To clean them I wash, rinse, and let them dry upside down in the dish drainer.

 Highly recommend!




5.) Easy Pack Box

Skip the fast food, and bring along your healthy meals with the Easy Pack Box.

Its unique design includes a four grid tray, leak proof container, compartment for your cutlery, and a stand for your phone in case you want to watch videos during your meal.

Our RV kitchen isn't complete without them. 




6.) Easy Towel Clip


Easily hang your towels in an organized way, that allows them to air dry efficiently, with the Easy Towel Clip. I not only have these in my RV but I also have them in my home. They're small, simple and great!

7.) Kitchen Sink Sponge Clip


You like your RV kitchen clean, and for everything to have it's place, right? Well never worry about finding a place to store that wet kitchen sponge again with this quick and easy storage solution. Pair this with the Kitchen Organizer Towel Clip for a well organized kitchen sink area.




8.) Retain & Drain


The Retain and Drain Colander is an efficient way to rinse and drain produce, rice, noodles and more. It's unique "retain and drain" design enables you to fill the basket with water, and drain the water without fear of spilling the contents inside. It's like having a mixing bowl and colander all-in-one! 




9.) Slicer Max

You're a master in the kitchen, and you love to create home cooked dishes for your family while on the road. The Slicer Max will make preparing any dish a breeze. This multifunctional tool includes three attachments for cutting vegetables, fruits and more. Check out our other fruit and vegetable tools for more kitchen essentials!




10.) Open-All-Gripper


This definitely deserves to be in every RV.  I bought these for my Mom, who over the years has lost a lot of strength in her dominant hand. She is now able to open her jars, cans, drinks...not to mention other little things she has found them useful for. So, if you are having difficulties opening those bottle/jar lids, popping those tabs on a can of soda or anything remotely similar to that, pick these little gadgets up, or gift them for your loved one who are always on the road.




11.) Portable Mini Heat Sealer

While on the road you can easily seal your bags with this portable mini heat sealer. 

Using the latest heating technology, it can be used without preheating. It is easier to seal than other bag sealers, just slide and seal along the edge of bag.

The sealing effect is stronger and there is no air leakage to ensure that the food has the original flavor when it is eaten next time. With this mini bag sealer, you can use it to open / seal snack food bags at any time while on the road! 




12.) Pour Pal


Prevent spills on your RV kitchen countertops, and eliminate the need for ladles, when transferring liquids from pots with the Pour Pal. Made of 100% silicon and sure to prevent the dreaded pot spills that plague cooks.



13.) Cut & Colander Combo Board

Perfect for cleaning and soaking vegetables, fruits and meat before cooking.
The collapsible washing bowl comes with its own plug, meaning you won't have to lift to drain!

It is ideal for expanding sink space with more washing and soaking room.

Thanks to its clever design, the basin folds into a compact shape, less than 2 inches high for convenient storage and space saving.

The collapsible bowl is lightweight, takes up very little room and it is easy to pack and transport.

Folding Cutting Board is ideal for when space is tight, particularly when on the move, camping, caravanning, fishing or just relaxing on the back deck! Versatile, the dish tub can also be used to ice beverages, wash dishes or for campsite clean-up.




14.) Cool Hands Coffee Mug

Whether on the road or at home, your morning coffee gets you ready for the day. So why not use this insulated coffee mug to keep your coffee hot, while preventing your hands from getting burned? I can't start my morning without this thing. I have one for the house and my RV. 



15.) 3 pcs Reusable Coffee Filter Cups


Every great day is started with a fresh cup of coffee, but the cost of constantly buying filter cups can drain your budget. Never buy another cup again with these reusable coffee filters. 




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