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15 Best Kitchen Gadgets
That You’ll Actually Use

Quirky, fun, and unique. All these kitchen gadgets make your time in the kitchen a lot more of a breeze. These items also make the best gifts, for those people in your life who you always find in the kitchen. Your friends & loved ones might not think to pick up one of these gadgets, but they’ll be super glad you did. So let’s get into it!

1.  Smart Stack Organizer

I want to kick off this list with my personal favorite; The Smart Stack Organizer.

 The Smart Stack Organizer is a stylish, efficient way to organize your kitchen drawers.

Designed with convenience and utility in mind, it’s unique design and compartments are sure to increase drawer space in all kitchens!

By angling and layering each compartment on top of each other, it enables you to store a full cutlery set in less than half the space of a conventional cutlery tray.

Items can be placed inside either head or handle first. The design also features handy icons for easy identification.

This is an amazing product that every kitchen will benefit from, (but especially smaller kitchens!) 👍

2.  Smart Stack Knife Organizer

This knife organizer is the greatest thing ever and here's why...

I have tiny kitchen drawers & cabinets.

One day, I took all my sharp things and stuck them in one of our kitchen drawers. My wife complained that the knives were haphazardly stuck in the drawer and she’d always nearly cut herself looking for a knife. (Also not safe for the kids).

So I bought this, which fits in my ridiculously small drawers very well, and I am able to neatly stack my knives and have a nice organized drawer where you won't cut yourself looking for a knife. I can't say enough good things about this organizer!

It's good quality, nice weight, rubber bottomed so it doesn't slip around in the drawer, and it separates knives into 2 layers to make the most of drawer space, it also stands the knives on their edges so the handles are easily gripped to remove. But the best part? You can throw it in the sink and wash it easily, as it's all plastic! Just perfect. Highly recommend it.

3.  Spice Space Saver

I am so pleased to have found a solution to organizing my spice cabinet that works for me & my OCD (ish) tendencies.

I love these things! Such a simple idea that I can’t picture my kitchen without.

They added a lot more room in my tiny little spice cupboard where organization is everything for me.

Some of you might notice it made my “Top 15 RV Kitchen Products” article last week.

That’s right! I have a set for both the house & our camper.

Easily store all of your favorite spices with this Spice Space Saver.

4.  Jar Fresh Lock Bags

I ADORE the look of these! They are precious!

If you're anything like me and you like to keep your kitchen organized, you'll be able to keep food fresh & properly sorted with these Jar Fresh Lock Bags.

This 20 piece set includes multiple sizes for various food types, and the zipper air lock is sure to keep your food fresh.

20 Reusable bags included (5 Tall, 5 Large, 5 Medium and 5 Small).

Washable & Eco-friendly.

I use them for my baking ingredients like nuts and chocolate chips and store them in a bin in my cabinets. I also used some to store my brown rice into individual servings.

They're great for organizing and space saving. To clean them I wash, rinse, and let them dry upside down in the dish drainer.

They are very practical, yet super cute. Highly recommend it!

5.  Portable Mini Heat Sealer 

My family has snacks all the time. Chips, candies, crackers, you name it! We usually never finish the snack and are left with an open bag. A lot of the time, I end up throwing it out. Not anymore!

I have been using this since the day I got it! I can seal up the package and not worry about the freshness or throwing anything out.

It's just as if the package were brand new!

The size is great, It is easy to store, and easy to use. Even my 8 year old daughter knows how to use it now!

If you have a bunch of snacks in the house for the kids (who usually don’t finish them) you NEED this in your life!

The price of the item is great, too!

6.  Easy Towel Clip 

Easily hang your towels in an organized way that allows them to air dry efficiently, with the Easy Towel Clip.

I not only have these in my RV but I also have them in my home. They're small, simple and great!

These stick on the wall and grab my towels perfectly! I don't like using hooks with small towels as they always slip off.

I don’t have that issue with these "grabbers''. Highly recommend these. And for the price? They’re a steal.

7.  Kitchen Sink Sponge Clip 

You like your kitchen clean, and for everything to have its place, right?

Yeah me too.

Which is why I ordered two of these sponge holders.

You’ll never worry about finding a place to store that wet kitchen sponge again with this quick and easy storage solution.

I love how the suction cups are big and have really good and strong suction power.

Pair this with the Kitchen Organizer Towel Clip for a well organized kitchen sink area!

Excellent value, great quality & very strong.

8.  Pour Pal

This is such a simple product but it’s made my life so much easier.

Prevent spills on your kitchen countertops and eliminate the need for ladles, when transferring liquids from pots with the Pour Pal.

I have fibromyalgia and need two hands to hold a saucepan. By attaching this pour pal to the saucepan I still have both hands free.

So anyone with problems with their hands or wrists would benefit from using this.

Made of 100% silicon and sure to prevent the dreaded pot spills that plague cooks. A simple product but highly recommended!

9.  Cut & Colander Combo Board

When you’re working with limited space in the kitchen, it can be annoying trying to decide what tools you need and where you’ll store them.

Maximizing space in a small kitchen is a huge priority for me, and with this Cut & Colander Combo Board, it just got easier.

This two-in-one product lets you wash and drain your fruits, veggies, potatoes, and more all while it’s propped on the edge of the sink.

Then, in one simple maneuver, it compresses into a cutting board making it easy to prep your food and eliminates the need for multiple gadgets.

10.  Open All Gripper

This definitely deserves to be in every kitchen.

I bought these for my Mom, who over the years has lost a lot of strength in her dominant hand.

She is now able to open her jars, cans, drinks...not to mention other little things she has found them useful for.

So, if you are having difficulties opening those bottle/jar lids, popping those tabs on a can of soda or anything remotely similar to that, pick these little gadgets up, or gift them for your loved one who is always in the kitchen.

11.  Julienne CutMaster

Another one of my favorite kitchen gadgets that make my life in the kitchen a breeze.

If my recipes call for peeled or sliced vegetables, it’s always a total breeze with the Julienne CutMaster.

If you’re looking for a wide cut or a thin, Julienne style slice, with this three-in-one tool you can get exactly the results you’re looking for.

It also works as a peeler if slicing isn’t on the agenda. More than anything, though, I only like to invest in tools that will last. You’ll be glad to know this kitchen essential is made from stainless steel, so you’ll have years of slicing in your future.

12.  Slicer Max

I enjoy cooking, but I’ll be honest. The one part that I could “do without” would be the standing at the cutting board slicing ingredients.

How about you?

Also how about the fact that when using a knife you’re at risk of a nick or a cut and that’s never fun.

The Slicer Max is the perfect alternative, and it’s an easy way to speed up the process.

This product slices and grates, onions, tomatoes, potatoes and cucumbers with very little effort and I love that about it!

When salad is all you want to eat to remain healthy, this chopper comes in handy. It saves me a lot of money from buying raw veggies instead of already chopped salads from the grocery store.

Do yourself a favor and get one for your kitchen.

13.  Hang buddy

By a show of hands how many of you tend to just leave your brooms and mops stuck in a corner somewhere?

I’ve never had an ideal place to store them until now.

This Hang Buddy is my new best friend!

You can conveniently stick it to any wall, and use it to store mops, brooms, or anything with a handle.

My house feels even more organized.

Do yourself a favor and get one of these!

14.  36-Piece Chalkboard Label Set

This 36 Piece Chalkboard Set is by far the best value on any essential tool for organizing.

I’m an organizing animal and labels are essential to neat, well-marked containers.

I can apply these chalk labels to a box, a jar, a plastic bin, whatever I desire!

The best part is if five minutes later, I decide to switch the contents of that container, I don’t have to mess with removing tape, single use labels, or anything else.

I just wipe the chalk label clean with a damp paper towel and it’s good as new to re-label as many times as I want.

You can decorate them and cut them with craft punches, too!

This product is awesome!. Best value that I’ve found. Highly recommend it.

15.  Cool Hands Coffee Mug

Whether on the road or at home, my morning coffee gets me ready for the day.

The issue is carrying a hot mug can be hard on your hands, but you don’t want to let your cup of joe cool off too much, either.

So I use this insulated coffee mug to keep my coffee hot, while preventing my hands from getting burned.

It does this using a “double wall”.

I seriously can't start my morning without this thing.

I’ve been using this mug for months now and I have one for the house and my RV.

Very easy to use, and is able to keep my cappuccino hot for a long time.

Plus the clear design of the mug gives it an expensive look that you’ll want to show off.