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15 Best Kitchen Gadgets
That You’ll Actually Use

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home. It’s the place for families to gather and where the best stories are shared. From a quick breakfast before the kids are off to school to preparing family dinners around the holidays, your kitchen needs to serve your needs, and it should always feel like it’s truly your space.

 When life gets busy, though, your kitchen may shift from a warm, inviting place to a stressful, messy zone that leaves you wanting to get in and out as quickly as possible. Maybe you’ve run out of space or the mess has just spiraled out of control.

 Whether you consider yourself a master chef or a novice just trying to whip up a tasty meal the whole family will eat, you may have thought to yourself, “I wish there was a product that made this easier…” the good news is, there probably is one, and you just haven’t found it yet.

 From prepping to cooking to cleaning up, there are countless gadgets out there to make life in your kitchen a whole lot easier. With so many options, though, it can be a challenge to narrow down which ones will benefit you the most.

 You’re in luck! Below you’ll find the top 15 best kitchen products in 2021 as we break down what they are, how they work, and why you need them in your life.

1.  Smart Stack Organizer

We’ve all been there: you open up the utensil drawer and it’s a total mess. Or worse, your silverware has gotten so out of sorts, you can barely get the drawer open. Cue, the Smart Stack Organizer. Designed with efficiency in mind, this organizer features compartments for all your cutlery while taking up only a fraction of the space of your typical in-drawer organizers. It also features a non-slip bottom to keep everything in place making it easier than ever to find exactly what you’re looking for without all the rummaging around. It’s time you reclaim your drawers with this sleek organizer.

2.  Smart Stack Knife Organizer

Kitchen knives can be a challenge to store. If you’re not interested in a knife block taking up valuable space on the counter, what other options do you have? If you have little ones reaching into drawers, it can be especially dangerous to have knives free-floating around with the rest of your utensils. Luckily, the Smart Stack Knife Organizer is an easy fix to safely storing knives in a kitchen drawer. This organizer features multiple slots to store a variety of knife shapes and sizes, and it fits seamlessly in your utensil drawer. Pair this with the Smart Stack Organizer, and your utensil drawer will be an organized masterpiece. 

3.  Spice Space Saver

How do you store your spices? In a drawer with faded, labeled tops? Tucked away in the pantry where you have to remove everything else just to get half a teaspoon of garlic powder? It can be a pain to find the perfect space in the kitchen to store spices so they’re always accessible. With the Spice Space Saver, you can do exactly that as the racks feature double-sided adhesive so you can attach them to virtually any cabinet in the kitchen. Create more space and save yourself the frustration of rummaging through your pantry every time a recipe calls for a new spice. 

4.  Jar Fresh Lock Bags

If you go through disposable storage bags like they’re going out of style, it’s time to invest in reusable bags that can do even more. These unique bags can do it all from storing leftovers to packing snacks for the day. Not to mention, they’re eco-friendly and washable. The fun baggies feature an airtight fresh zipper-lock meaning your food will stay fresh even longer. A set of 20 comes in 4 different sizes and they expand to stand upright, so they can stay neat and organized when stacked on a shelf. 

5.  Portable Mini Heat Sealer 

Nothing is better than a fresh bag of crunchy chips and nothing is worse than those chips going stale just a few days later. Bag clips are great and useful, but they can still let in air that speeds up the process of your snacks losing their freshness. This Portable Mini Heat Sealer is the perfect solution. You can easily seal bags up to keep them fresh. Plus, it’s small and compact so you can take it anywhere. Toss it in a picnic basket or throw it in your lunch box and you’ll never have to worry about stale snacks again. 

6.  Easy Towel Clip 

If an organized kitchen is your happy place, this Easy Towel Clip is the perfect addition to your gadgets and tools. No one wants wet towels lying around the kitchen, but it can be a challenge finding the best place to hang them where they’ll dry fully without falling to the floor. The Easy Towel Clip comes with a double-sided piece of adhesive, so you can simply stick it on any flat surface, ideally a cabinet or a wall, and hang your towels or cloths out to dry. No more damp towels getting in the way.

7.  Kitchen Sink Sponge Clip 

Is there a better feeling than working through a whole pile of dirty dishes? Once you’ve scrubbed your last pot or pan, though, where do you put the sponge while it dries? You don’t want to put a wet sponge back in the cabinet for it to stay moist and grow bacteria, so we’ve found a simple solution. The Kitchen Sink Sponge Clip is the kitchen tool you never knew you needed. The suction cup allows it to attach right to the side of the sink, and your sponge fits perfectly in the clip. No more awkwardly propping the sponge against the faucet and watching it fall over and over again.

8.  Pour Pal

If you spend much time in the kitchen, you’re probably always on the hunt for the best way to get things done. It’s great to have useful tools and gadgets that make cleaning the kitchen easier, but you know what’s even better? Having a tool that keeps you from making a mess in the first place. With the Pour Pal, you can prevent the mess and make serving liquids a much simpler process. This silicon attachment fits over the edge of any pot and eliminates those inevitable messes when you’re pouring soup or draining pasta. Say goodbye to spills!

9.  Cut & Colander Combo Board

When you’re working with limited space in the kitchen, it can be overwhelming trying to decide what tools you need and where you’ll store them. Maximizing space in a small kitchen is a huge priority for so many people, and with this Cut & Colander Combo Board, it just got a little bit easier. This two-in-one product lets you wash and drain your fruits, veggies, potatoes, and more all while it’s propped on the edge of the sink. Then, in one simple maneuver, it compresses into a cutting board making it easy to prep your food and eliminates the need for multiple gadgets. 

10.  Open All Gripper

With the Open All Gripper, gone are the days of struggling to open a pickle jar or trying to use your nails to grab the tiny seal on a brand new bottle of ketchup. This is a multipurpose tool like no other. This double-sided gripper is extremely versatile and can open bottles, jars, and cans of all sizes. Need a bottle opener? You’ve got it. Can opener? Yep. A little extra grip to unscrew the lid on a glass jar? Check. If you love a unique and useful kitchen gadget, we’ve got you covered with this one.

11.  Julienne CutMaster

Another multipurpose tool to make life in the kitchen a whole lot easier. If your recipe calls for peeled or sliced vegetables, you’ve got options with the Julienne CutMaster. Whether you’re looking for a wide cut or a thin, Julienne style slice, with this three-in-one tool you can get exactly the results you’re looking for. It also works as a peeler if slicing isn’t on the agenda. More than anything, though, we know it’s important to invest in tools that will last. You’ll be glad to know this kitchen essential is made from stainless steel, so you’ll have years of slicing in your future.

12.  Slicer Max

Spending time in the kitchen can be therapeutic, but sometimes, there are parts of the process that begin to feel more like a chore. Standing at the cutting board slicing ingredients is one thing we could do without. Not to mention, using a knife always comes with the risks of a nick or cut, and nobody has time for that. The Slicer Max is the perfect alternative, and it’s an easy way to speed up the process. With three different attachments, you can slice fruits and vegetables in whatever shape or size you please. Make food prep easier than ever with one of our favorite kitchen products of the year. 

13.  Hang buddy

We’re going to guess that if you love a clean kitchen, you probably keep the rest of the house pretty tidy, too. Do you ever feel like brooms and mops are just stuck in a corner somewhere, and they never really have an ideal place to be stored? If so, this Hang Buddy will be your new best friend. You can conveniently stick it to any wall, and use it to store mops, brooms, or anything with a handle. Your house will feel even more organized, and we all know that when there’s a place for everything, and everything's in its place, you can finally kick up your feet and relax. 

14.  36-Piece Chalkboard Label Set

Have you ever pulled out a clear, plastic canister and had to investigate whether it was powdered sugar or flour? What about grabbing a container and trying to determine if it’s sugar or salt? Yeah, it doesn’t take long to figure out, but why not make life a little easier? With this 36-Piece Chalkboard Label Set, you’ll never have to guess what ingredient you’re grabbing again. The best part? The chalk washes off, so if you need to reuse a label or update an expiration date, all you have to do is wipe it with a damp towel and you’re good to go!

15.  Cool Hands Coffee Mug

We couldn’t wrap up this list without a mention of the best part of the day - coffee time! It’s what gets you going each morning and helps you feel ready for the day. Carrying a hot mug can be hard on your hands, but you don’t want to let your cup of joe cool off too much, either. With the Cool Hands Coffee Mug, you can get the best of both worlds. This insulated mug keeps your coffee nice and warm inside while the outside stays cool to the touch. Not to mention, the clear design of the mug gives it an expensive look that you’ll want to show off.